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Pre-Arrival Grocery Request Form

Must be Received at Least 72 Hours Prior to Arrival

Please complete and return this form at least 72 hours prior to your arrival date to pre-order groceries for your stay at Bianca Sands on Grace Bay. Please note that grocery selection on Turks & Caicos varies and often times can be very limited. Also, organic items are generally not available. As such, Bianca Sands reserves the right to substitute items/brands based on availability, and there may be instances when we cannot procure all requested items. 

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After completing this form, please email it directly to There is a $60 per order delivery and stocking fee that will be collected upon your arrival along with payment for the groceries. Only cash is accepted for payment. Please note, Bianca Sands may require a higher delivery and stocking fee if your requested items are extensive. In these instances, we will first contact you with a revised fee quote and require your approval prior to shopping for your groceries. 

Guest Information

Item Quantity Brand/Notes
White bread (loaf)
Wheat bread (loaf)
Breakfast Bars (box)
English Muffins

Please note in light of the current situation concerning COVID-19, the Front Desk Station is not manned. For any questions or inquiries, please email the resort at
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